Lax Legends

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Lax Legends is a science-fantasy webcomic and brainchild of one Patrick "Boog" Sinnott, presently updating "whenever" until such a time as I can keep it moving more regularly. Aiming for twice a month minimum!

4/2/16 -- HOLY SMOKES WE'RE BACK. Lax Legends, after its inglorious hiatus for replanning and relaunch, is making another go at this whole "existing" thing. Updates may remain slow as some teething issues are worked out but we're alive and updating, baby! Previous news updates are archived for now, and can be found HERE, but aren't likely to be relevant anytime soon.

Great to see you all again folks, lets get this terrible party started.


Lax Legends and all associated artwork, stories and intellectual property are copyright Patrick Sinnott, 2012-2016