Lax Legends

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Lax Legends is a science-fantasy webcomic and brainchild of one Patrick "Boog" Sinnott, presently updating "whenever" until such a time as I can keep it moving more regularly. Aiming for twice a month minimum!

4/4/16 -- AND A NEW PAGE. Hopefully with the backlog in place you'll be seeing a lot more of these in a timely manner!
I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone I saw at MOCCAfest this year, you guys made it the most successful con of my life and I'm gonna be working overtime to make sure I pay that support back with the finest in science-fantasy comickry. Right now we're also working on getting a mirror for the site up on tapastic, fine-tuning the new design even more, and a few more hush-hush projects to debut at a future convention!


Lax Legends and all associated artwork, stories and intellectual property are copyright Patrick Sinnott, 2012-2016