Lax Legends

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Lax Legends is a science-fantasy webcomic and brainchild of one Patrick "Boog" Sinnott, presently updating "whenever" until such a time as I can keep it moving more regularly. Aiming for twice a month minimum!

10/24/17- AND WE'RE BACK. Sorry about that folks, life management took over for a bit there, but we're here with a new page, new coloring techniques and new advancements in the plot!
Also, about time I listed this on the main site; if you follow us on Tapastic, you can get immediate updates to your phone whenever new pages go live AND help support the comic itself by subscribing! Wot'cha call a win-win there, friends! Check it out!

I also want today marked off as the day where, on the 36th page of a comic where one of the main characters is a cussing mass of exposed viscrea, this site finally became labelled NSFW due to a single boob in the background of a religious setting.
Stay classy, me.


Lax Legends and all associated artwork, stories and intellectual property are copyright Patrick Sinnott, 2012-2016